Amit P Nahar loves empowering entrepreneurs and the management of numerous Global enterprises to design their businesses.

He is a leading, multi-award winning Business Design Coach and a Management Consultant who has pioneered the art of Designing, Automating and Accelerating Businesses through the “Business By Design System” focusing primarily on shifting your mindset and perspective on your business which then allows for powerful breakthroughs in direction and creation of Strategies, Structures, Processes and People for attaining specific business or organizational outcomes.

He has a track record of systematically scaling and growing organizations through a unique combination of coaching, consulting and mentoring methodologies.
He is not someone who simply tells what you should do, but serves as your partner, so together you are co-creating greater levels of success.
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Amit P Nahar’s mission is to empower 100,000 Entrepreneurs to Design, Automate & Accelerate their Business to manifest Joy, Purpose & Abundance in their lives
Today APN, a qualified Chartered Accountant, Master of Financial Management, Certified Management Consultant is internationally recognized by authorities in over 58 countries and works closely with Entrepreneurs across industry verticals, be it Manufacturers, Distributors, Traders, Retailers, Service Providers, Professionals, Hoteliers, Restaurateurs, Builders, Agents, Family offices, Importers, Exporters, Jewellers, Celebrities etc. to decode the science of owning and managing multiple businesses successfully on autopilot and still be free from them
He is equally passionate about his family as he is about business and firmly believes that the true measure of success is “Happiness”


Recognized as one of the top speakers in the business world, Amit P Nahar has spoken at Global Investor Summits, Conferences, Chamber of commerce, Trade Association Events, Growth Events, Entrepreneurial Conferences, Networking Meets and so on as a top Business Design Coach and Success Routines speaker.
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